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Kuhmon Ilmailukerho r.y.

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Winter War Flight

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Kuhmo was one of the main theaters of war in Finland during the winter war 30.11.1939 – 13.3.1940. Come and see the sites yourself – this 55 nm flight route gives you a glimpse of the landscape and scenery, that Finland was ready to defend with Sisu and success against a superior enemy. Read the history here.

This flight route goes to Air Defense Information Zone (ADIZ) where a Flight Plan is required. It must be sent to area control center one hour before entering the area. Also, the route is fairly close to Russian border. Be careful out there!

Coordinates of these points of interest are in the bottom of this page.


EFKH runway 12

2. Jyrkänkoski – final line of defense

Defense lines have been renovated to the left from the waters

3. Rasti – several encirclements, ”motti

Roadblocks were built to stop the enemy here.

4. Saunajärvi, Tupolev TB-3 final landing

Landing zone for several Russian planes. Not all of them survived back.
https://www.finna.fi/Record/sa-kuva.sa-kuva-115857?sid=3246505131 - Sotamuseo,   CC BY 4.0

5. Vetko, col. Dolins brigade’s grave

Vetko hill
You can still find remains of the battles on the ground.

6. Kilpelänkangas, biggest fight in winter war

Kilpelänkangas statue

7.Kiekinkoski, huge battle field

Kiekinkoski village

8.Vääräjoki, delay battle line

Vääräjoki area

9.Tyrävaara, final line of defense

Succesful defense stopped the attack here.
Tyrävaara statue


Kuhmo airfield EFKH

1 – Kuhmo Airfield EFKH

2 – N640537 E0294721

3 – N640215 E0295627

4 – N640215 E0295627

5 – N635442 E0301130

6 – N635758 E0300154

7 – N635641 E0295409

8 – N635823 E0293919

9 – N640209 E0293427

10 – Kuhmo Airfield EFKH

You can download the coordinates in GPX format here.